Alive Wellness' mission is to help improve the overall health and wellbeing of each employee one step at a time.  Our Holistic Wellness Programs can help Small Business Owners contribute to a workplace environment that is positive, lively, and filled with healthy, energetic employees.

As a child and young adult, I suffered from multiple chronic illnesses.  As an adult, I discovered and embraced a holistic and natural way of living that included whole foods, exercise and a positive attitude.  To date, all of my chronic illnesses have been completely reversed naturally.  Helping others make long term lifestyle changes and improved wellbeing is my ultimate goal. 


After being in a corporate environment for many years, I noticed that small businesses were often neglected by vendors since they didn’t seem to receive as much personal attention as larger corporations.  Unfortunately, they were also subject to higher premiums for goods and services because of the lack of high volume purchases. 

My goal is to offer a Holistic Wellness Program for Small Business that will provide great customer care, effectiveness and affordability.

In Health & Wellness,

Shantel Maratea